Smiths Detection Service Operations is the customer support activity of Smiths Detection, the world leader in trace detection of chemical and biological agents, explosives, narcotics and toxic industrial chemicals, and x-ray identification of explosives, weapons, contraband and illegal or undeclared goods.

Smiths Detection Service Operations offers a nationwide repair and technical support activity that will match all your future customer requirements. This includes a strategically located field service team, to provide prompt engineering assistance; a 24/7 technical support helpdesk; and a parts and logistics operation. In addition you can take advantage of our professional services consultancy operation, enabling you to obtain best value from your investment in Smiths Detection equipment.

Smiths Detection provides technologically advanced security solutions, using the power of trace detection and x-ray imaging, to detect and identify explosives, chemical & biological agents, weapons and contraband.

Smiths Detection Service Operations Mission Statement

It is the policy of Smiths Detection Service Operations to provide products and services that conform to all customer requirements, real or implied. In the application of this objective, all Smiths staff members share the responsibility for managing customer satisfaction.

Organizationally, we strive to create a company-wide working environment that fosters continuous improvement in the products and services we provide. To that end, Smiths Detection employs the following operational philosophies:

  • Customer Satisfaction is our highest priority
  • Customer Satisfaction is a discipline that combines knowledge with action
  • Customer Satisfaction is a group activity and cannot be realized solely by individuals; it requires teamwork
  • Customer Satisfaction is the responsibility of all members of our organization and they are empowered as a team to achieve it
  • Continuous Improvement will only result by identifying and removing the root cause of the problem, and not the symptom

The customer is the reason for our existence as a business

hs Detection Service Operations in North America has designed this website to making supplies for Smiths Detection units available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Our goal is to make the order process as fast, easy and convenient as possible for those responsible for ensuring their machines are always at the ready. We are dedicated to providing our customers a quick response through this secured website for all their transactions.

Smiths Detection offers security solutions through trace detection equipment and Smiths Heimann x-ray systems. In both areas we are world-leaders. Our unique combination of technologies results in products & services unsurpassed in the industry.

To protect our freedom, we have undertaken a mission to ensure that all Smiths Detection security systems placed in the field are fully functional and operational. The globalization of our society is totally dependent on secure travel and the free flow of goods, safeguarded against terrorism and criminality. At the same time, our armed forces and public service workers must be protected against the growing threat of chemical and biological agents; our police forces must be armed to combat the rising tide of illicit narcotics; and our emergency services - the first responders – must be equipped to react to unknown threats every time they attend to an emergency. Smiths Detection is applying 21st century science to identify these threats and provide immediate warnings.

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